Cleaning your jewellery

Caring for your jewellery

Over time, your jewellery will start to reflect the way you live and take on signs of the identity of the owner. With wear, the finish will change, texture will alter and shine will become patinated. I have written some simple steps to keep it looking its best below.

Silver – Gently clean with a silver polishing cloth or a toothbrush and washing up liquid. With very rough surfaces like reticulation, bicarb soda can be used with hot water and a toothbrush to get into the harder to reach places. Silver will stay at its best when it is worn regularly.

Silver reticulated handmade cuff

Oxidised – Oxidisation will wear over time and start to revert to its natural silver finish. Be careful to avoid scratching or rubbing the jewellery with abrasive surfaces as this will damage the finish.

plannished gold and silver earrings

Gold – It is easy to keep gold looking good as it doesn’t tarnish easily. You can use a gold polishing cloth to gently shine your jewellery or washing in warm soapy water.

Gemstones: It is a good idea to occasionally check the settings on your rings. If the stone seems wobbly, stop wearing it and get in touch. I will endeavour to make it secure again.

Handmade ring

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