Dates For Your Diary


It feels like spring has sprung here in Cornwall, the Daffs are out, the sun is shining (today) and the world feels exciting.

First show of the year

It is only a few weeks until my first show of the year in Cheltenham, if you would like a ticket, please check out their website as it should be a great show and there is lots to see and participate in. Dates for your diary are 8th – 10th March 2019.

I have some stunning new pieces to show you this year, see the taster below, and some stones which have yet to be set so you can work with me to create a one off piece of jewellery for you.

Silver handmade necklace on slate


I am also very pleased to tell you about a new Collective of Jewellers I am a member of who are having their first exhibition this year in Plymouth. We are called The Precious Collective and we are an international group whose work varies in material, wearability and challenges perceptions of what it means for jewellery to be precious. Check out the link to the website for a peak of who and what we are.

“​Strange materials mixed with strange minds fuse into joyous, imaginative work expressing individual ideas of what precious could mean. The enduring ‘norm’ of gold & diamonds is challenged by this groups’ witty interpretation of body adornment, process & materials.

​If precious means ‘of high cost or worth: not to be treated carelessly’ then the Precious Collective is where these concepts are questioned – it is where the idiosyncratic, irregular ideas live; where to encounter the unexpected.” From Precious.Collective


I am asking for your help too, nothing too arduous and there is a prize!

I am interested to know what your favourite piece of my work is. You can check out the post on Facebook or Instagram.

One lucky winner will receive a pair of my everyday silver studs as a thank you.

Organic form earrings in handmade silver

Well, thats it for now, Happy Spring to you all and hope to see some of you in Cheltenham.


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