Square section bangle with Monolith charms


Simple bangle in planished square section silver with rectangular charms

Ref. B06 From £140
This is a heavier weight bangle textured on 3 faces using my Grandad’s hammers and I have smoothed out the edges by hand to make it easy to wear.

Each of the charms are shaped by hand with standing stones as my inspiration. The Callanish Standing stones on Lewis and the Nine Maidens on Zennor Moor are my most recent experiences of these magical stone circles.

You can see my hallmark and assay marks stamped inside the bangle on the photo here.

These bangles have handmade geometric charms in different sizes which you can choose, I can make the bangles plain or with as many charms as you might want. Please quote the Ref above in the email form on my contact page.

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