Monolith stripe studs

Alternative smaller stud earrings

Sterling silver and 18ct gold asymmetric earrings textured with my Grandad’s old hammers and files

Ref. Monolith E04 From £79
Rock formations and the quartz seams running through them are a mine of inspiration and these small stud earrings (measuring 12mm x 5mm) are inspired by the rocks on Gunwalloe beach in Cornwall.

I allow the marks left by the hammers and files to remain giving texture and light to the surface while also giving the surface a unique hand finished quality. As with all my work, the process dictates that each piece is slightly different to the next therefore I like to supply photographs to my customers so they can see the journey of metal to jewellery.

You can enquire about buying these unique studs by writing to me through my contact page and quoting Ref. Monolith E04.

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