Silver and Tourmaline Stud Earrings

reticulated square silver earrings with round stone settings Reticulated silver and citrine earring studs Reticulated silver and sapphire earring studs

Reticulated Silver and Tourmaline earrings

Ref. ME22 From £103 Silver, £187 Gold

I make these earrings by reticulating silver sheet, cutting it to the shape I require then soldering the stone setting to the surface. Finally I add handmade ear pins and polish the piece before setting the Tourmalines in to the silver or gold.

The yellow tourmalines make me think of a sun rising over a monolith standing stone. The pale turquoise ones are like sea lapping at the sand.

Reticulation is a process of heating and ‘pickling’ the sterling silver a number of times until the pure silver has come to the surface. Consequently, the silver starts to melt and run into beautiful forms reminiscent of sand moulded by water on beaches as the tide goes out.

You can see a long drop version by clicking here and a matching necklace here.

If you are interested in buying this piece, please contact me via my CONTACT ME form quoting the reference number .

You can purchase these from me or online at Made By Hand Online.

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