Lichen Inspired Tiara

Silver tiara silver and gold tiara Silver tiara worn by shorthaired model

Lichen Inspired Tiara

Ref: LT £296

Lichen inspired tiara made using Sterling Silver and 18ct gold and hand textured using Granddad’s old workshop hammers to give a beautiful finish.

This delicate piece would be perfect for a special occasion as the hammered surface has a subtlety which catches the light beautifully and the gold adds warmth and depth to the design. I think it’s perfect for someone who likes to think outside the box and who loves to be surrounded by nature.

The shape and form is inspired by beautiful tiny lichen plants which cover the ancient stones and woodlands of Cornwall. The gold represents the importance of human connection to the landscape and my feeling that this is fundamental to our sense of self.

You can buy this piece by sending a message through my contact page. I will send you images during the making process along with a photo of it when it is finished.

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