Lichen Hoop Earrings

oxidised lichen hoop earrings with gold detail on hooks oxidised silver and gold hoop earrings Oxidised silver with gold detail hoops gold detail oxidised earrings hoops on drop hook

pixie cup lichen

Lichen hoop earrings with gold detail

Ref. LE14 From £77

These delicate hoop drop earrings have a touch of gold, perfect for a special occasion. The hammered surface has a subtlety which catches the light beautifully and the gold adds warmth and depth to the design.

The shape and form of this design is inspired by beautiful tiny lichen plants which cover the ancient stones and woodlands of Cornwall. The gold represents the importance of human connection to the landscape and my feeling that this is fundamental to our sense of self.

This is available as silver and gold or oxidised silver and gold. Matching pieces are available here.

If you are interested in buying this piece, please contact me via my CONTACT ME form quoting the reference number .

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