I have been lucky enough to work in a creative capacity for most of my adult life and my skills as a florist, a gardener and my degree in photography all influence my jewellery. My work is entirely handmade so each piece is slightly different, stunning to wear and inviting to the touch.

Creative Practice

Every piece of jewellery is handcrafted in my small workshop in Cornwall. The techniques I use are ones that have remained unchanged for hundreds of years and I prefer to use traditional tools from Granddad’s workshop to help keep me anchored to my inspiration.

My hands on approach means my work feels organic and I allow marks made during the process to remain as an integral part of the surface, giving the owner a feeling of how each piece has been formed and the time involved in creating it. Hand beating gives texture to the silver and gold so it catches the light, ensuring that every piece of jewellery has its own identity and organic form.