Monolith Statement Earrings

Rectangles statement earrings Smiling model wearing rectangular statement Monolith earrings

Statement silver rectangle earringsMonolith statement silver earrings shadow

Statement Monolith Open Rectangle Earrings

Ref. ME15 From £119

The monolith Collection is inspired by ancient standing stones and I have tried to convey the form and centuries of weather worn texture into each link. My Granddad’s old workshop hammers provide texture to the surface

I make each link by cutting the right length of silver wire, soldering the link closed then hand forming it into a rectangle before hammering, texturing and finally, polishing the final piece.

My inspiration for these earrings comes from the monolith standing stones of Callanish and Stone Henge. Each link is hand worked reflecting the stones of the circles which have been carved by hand long ago.

If you are interested in buying this piece, please contact me via my CONTACT ME form quoting the reference number.

There are various necklaces to match in the Monolith Collection.

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