Mini Monolith Reticulated Necklace

Rectangular reticulated silver forms with handmade chain links

Reticulated rectangles of silver with open links handmade

Rectangular reticulated silver forms with open link connections

Mini Monolith reticulated necklace

Mini monolith is a smaller and more delicate version of the main range including one off pieces of jewellery which you can be sure that no-one else will be wearing.

With this piece, each link is handmade by reticulating silver and cutting out the rectangular forms then soldering small tube onto the back and articulating these with simple open links. The clasp is designed into the necklace so it doesn’t spoil the lines.

There are various earrings which you could partner with this necklace. If you are interested in buying this piece, please enquire through my CONTACT ME form.

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