Monolith triple necklace


This pieces is made in circles and teardrops as well and both can be worn long or short.

Sterling silver rectangles hand planished using Grandad’s old hammers.

Ref. Monolith N01 From £395
This piece can be worn in two ways; as a triple strand, short necklace as shown in the main photo or by splitting one strand off and wearing it as one long piece. When you wear this piece long, the catch is designed to look like one of the links so is becomes part of the overall design.

I make each link by cutting the right length of silver wire, soldering the link closed then hand forming it into a rectangle before hammering, texturing and finally, polishing the final piece.

My inspiration for this necklace comes from the monolith standing stones of Callanish and Stone Henge. Each link is hand worked reflecting the stones of the circles which have been carved by hand long ago.

You can buy this piece by messaging me through my contact page and quoting the Ref N01. I will send you photos through the making process and a photo of the finished piece.


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