Synthesis Square Pendant

Oxidised necklace square oxidised silver on chain Necklace and earrings reticulated silver with lichen details

Reticulated Silver Pendant with Gold and Silver Ball details

Ref. E23 From £139

My new collection brings together the themes of Lichen and Monolith creating a strong visual design conveying the ideas of historic handworked craft and the human connection to place.

The silver is reticulated to give an amazing texture which catches the light beautifully when worn. This process involves heating and cooling the metal a number of times until the silver starts to melt. As it cools, the melted metal forms undulations and ripples.

The pendant is then finished off with 3 small balls of silver and gold.

If you are interested in buying this piece, please contact me via my CONTACT ME form quoting the reference number.

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